A program called Housing Now is looking for one-bedroom apartments in Timmins for homeless people to move into.

Social services administration board housing manager Lindsay Cumming says because of social distancing, many patrons of the Living Space shelter have been self-isolated at the Northern College residence.

“The patrons have done very well and are ready to make the next step to transition to permanent housing,” Cumming notes.  “So that’s the whole premise behind Housing Now and trying to get that up and going.”

From an original number of 25, five apartments are still needed for July 1st.

“We do offer financial incentives such as reimbursement above normal wear and tear,” says Cumming, “and there’s a guaranteed monthly rent supplement that’s going to be paid from the Cochrane DSSAB directly to the landlord.”

In addition, Living Space and the Canadian Mental Health Association will continue supports for the tenants. Cumming says that should help successfully maintain the tenancy.