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Finance Critic says the Liberals aren’t being honest about where the money from selling off Hydro One will go

The Tory Finance Critic, Vic Fedeli, has uncovered a Liberal document that allows them to apply money from the sale of Hydro One to the deficit. The Liberals have consistently claimed the Hydro money would go to transit infrastructure. But Fedeli says a 167-page Liberal document has a sentence five pages before the end that lets them use the money on the deficit. He says the PC’s have said this all along, the Liberals have denied it, and they tried to hide this fact by spreading the information across three documents over the course of a year.

Fedeli says the Liberals will first spend the Hydro money on transit, but then that one sentence lets them remove the cash and apply it to the deficit.

(Written by Rocco Frangione)

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