Timmins Mayor Steve Black is setting the record straight when it comes to the water main break in front of Western Auto on Algonquin. The city re-did a section this past year with a new technology, and that was not the same section that broke last week.

Black says the city has been through this over the past few years, every time they fix one section it puts more pressure on the next section down the line. Black says that leads to a break in the same area, and the city ends up having to dig in essentially the same spot.

He says if you go all the way along Algonquin where the services run underneath, they are all very old. They’re all due for replacement, and Black says that cost is built into the Connecting Link study the city is currently doing. That is part of why the cost to re-do the highway is so high.

Black also says as of right now, there is still one more section that the city knows about that needs repair.