The Rotary club of Timmins-Porcupine is looking to join the Chamber of Commerce for many reasons according to President Luc Chalifoux.

He says it’s a chance to open new doors, generate new partnerships, and grow to a point where all Rotary members and Chamber members can work together.

Rotary is involved in the city in many ways but one reason they feel especially proud of what they do is because they enhance the quality of life in Timmins.

He says they level the playing field for some people who may not be able to go out of town. With their help in events like the Rib Fest and all-age Family Day events everyone can come participate without spending much money.

Chalifaux says they are trying to expand their boundaries. He’s hoping their next project will be one to do with the environment. In fact, he says they just took their first step towards that by donating $5000 dollars to the board walk campaign to expand the board walk at Gilles Lake.