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The city is taking over the Timmins 2020 project

Clearlogic is handing control of the Timmins 2020 project over to the city. The 10-year project was put in place to prepare Timmins for the Kidd Operations mine closing in 2021. Of 30 projects, 21 are either finished or in progress.

Clearlogic spokesperson, Maggie Mattear, says there is one project that hasn’t started yet, but is a big part of their vision for Timmins. She says Bringing in an English speaking university is highly strategic. She says universities provide stable and well-paid jobs. She says that will lower employment turnover, bring in cash flow, and keep people in the North. She says it can generate $25 of new economic activity for every dollar invested.

Another project Mattear mentioned is the beautification of the city. She says there is a direct link between city attractiveness and economic development. For a full list of the projects 2020 worked on, Click Here and select item 4-c. 

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