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No need for panic buying: Chamber prez

You’ve been noticing while grocery shopping lately, that you haven’t been able to get everything on your list. The Timmins Chamber of Commerce says it isn’t necessarily what you think.

“There’s plenty of food and toilet paper and things like that,” notes president Rob Knox. Neither is it all due to supply chain issues.

The Chamber spoke to grocery stores across the city. It learned that because of a pandemic-related worker shortage, manufacturers are dialling back production to concentrate on the more popular, bigger-selling products.

“So you’re seeing as a result less of those other products on the shelf, not necessarily because they’re not able to get to market,” says Knox.

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“Kellogg’s makes, I don’t know, let’s say 50 brands of cereal,” he remarks as an illustration, “and they reduce their production to their top five sellers because of their own workforce issues back at the manufacturing plant.”

Knox says as long as there’s no panic buying or hoarding, there will be enough to go around.

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