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Anger and disappointment over the Connecting Link, says Black

Topping the list of Ontario’s Worst Roads should bring some attention to Northern infrastructure. That’s what Mayor Steve Black is saying about coming first and second in the annual contest. He says in speaking with Kathleen Wynne, he is hopeful she will sit and talk numbers.

“Obviously they’ve announced that they have their 16 billion dollar infrastructure fund. It’s a 30 billion dollar one, but you know, half of it goes to the GTA area, and half of it’s outside the GTA area,” says Black about potential funding. “That’s the fund that she [Kathleen Wynne] indicated that there may be some funding available for us, if we sit down and determine the project meets their desires for type of infrastructure projects, which I’m certain it will.”

Those comments came from Wynne after Black asked about funding at a recent Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities conference.

“The CAA Worst Roads contest was something that I encouraged residents to vote in. So the fact that they did step up and that it’s one and two, and there’s enough, I’ll call it anger and disappointment, in the status that the Connecting Link has become on Algonquin and Riverside, it’s great that the residents stepped up. I wish we didn’t have to be number one and two.

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“The Connecting Link program that they did reinstate in April isn’t going to be enough funds when we get our share, if we get a share of it, isn’t going to be enough to cover a project of this nature.

As mentioned before, the Premier did acknowledge at FONOM that we should sit down and discuss. Because, it is a project that there is different funding available for, if they feel it’s a suitable one. I’m hoping she honours that.”

He says no numbers have been given or commitments have been made, but the invitation has been sent off to meet with her. Black says he’s always pleased by the talks, but he hopes the dollars follow.

The CAA Worst Roads in Ontario contest is an annual one that has the public vote for what they think is the worst road to drive on in their area.

The top 10 in Ontario are:

  1. Algonquin Blvd. W., Timmins
  2. Algonquin Blvd. E., Timmins
  3. Dufferin Street, Toronto
  4. Highway 144, Greater Sudbury
  5. Carling Ave., Ottawa
  6. Radical Rd., Port Dover
  7. Burlington St. E., Hamilton
  8. Riverside Dr., Timmins
  9. Dominion Rd., Fort Erie
  10. Bayview Ave., Toronto


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