The mayor of Timmins is sticking a pin in his Sudbury counterpart’s suggestion of a Northern Ontario bubble against COVID-19.

Speaking to the Timmins Chamber of Commerce, George Pirie said he’s surprised that Sudbury’s Brian Bigger is floating that idea, with a high number of cases in his city and long-term care homes there.

Pirie says the way to flatten the curve is to control travel.

Mayor George Pirie speaking to the Chamber of Commerce on a Zoom conference, Jan. 21, 2021.
(The Chamber/Zoom)

“The cases that we had within a couple of our employers resulted because individuals traveled from other areas – from Sudbury and from Toronto – and they arrived with COVID-19,” says the mayor.

Pirie says travel can’t be totally shut off. “I think about the goods and materials that are required to run any one of our operations. Our food is transported, it has to be, from the south and it comes up here.”

Pirie also says we would have to be safe from COVID around here before any bubble could be instituted.