As simple as the concept of “lock it or lose it” is, it has to be repeated every year at this time by Timmins Police.

“Nothing sends a stronger message of ‘No!’ to petty criminals than a locked door,” says communications coordinator Marc Depatie. That especially applies to cars.

“Wherever there’s an opportunity to Christmas shop, there’s an opportunity for people to load up their vehicles with their treasures,” he notes, “but it also serves as a rife opportunity for petty criminals to make off with your items.”

The card that police officers leave under the windshields of cars that they check, during “Lock It or Lose It”.
(Bob McIntyre, staff)

He says if you have anything valuable in your car put it in the trunk or where it can’t be seen.

“The enticement will be overwhelming for certain criminals,” Depatie adds.  “If they see something that they desperately have to have, then because it’s in plain view, this will entice them to perhaps cause damage to your vehicle in order to gain entry.”

Depatie says not to be surprised if an officer checks your car doors in your own driveway, too.  Wherever it is, the officer will lock any unlocked car door.