As all the indicators are under review, it seems Hearst is moving out of its COVID-19 hot zone status.

Recently, it accounted for nine of 12 cases in Porcupine Health Unit territory. Medical officer of health Dr. Lianne Catton agrees that the situation appears to have eased.

“Yes, definitely,” she affirms. “I think the community has done an excellent job of coming together and rallying to support one another and ensure that all steps are being followed to reduce the risk of exposure.”

At the same time, under Ontario’s new colour coding system for COVID-19, our region is considered “green” or “prevent”.

Dr. Catton quickly points out that green in this case is not “go”, or that any related health measures can be lifted.

“I think it means that we need to move forward with caution,” Catton states. “It recognizes that we have done a very good job of reducing transmission in our area.  However, we know we’re not immune to this.”