No collisions to report, however:

  • Quebec Avenue from 72m South of Moore Street to Moore Street being closed for water system repairs has ended
  • Main Street from Shamrock Avenue to Bloor Avenue being closed for road maintenance as ended


  • Bonaventure Drive from Shirley Street S to Meadow Lane is closed until further notice for water main break repair
  • Emerald Street from Riverside Drive to 168m South of Riverside Drive is closed due to a water main break until further notice
  • Lynwood Drive from Park Avenue to Woodland Crescent has emergency access only due to a water main break
  • College Street from Airport Road to Westmount Boulevard is closed for road maintenance
  • Dwyer Avenue from Les Hall Street to Hollinger Lane is closed for road repairs
  • Brousseau Avenue from Pine Street N to Cedar Street N is closed for road maintenance
  • Fourth Avenue from Battochio Street to Grant Street is closed for sewer/storm repair
  • Carrigan Road from Highway 101 to Frederickhouse Lake Drive for road maintenance
  • O’Neil Avenue from Rea Street N to Belleview Street is closed for construction
  • Croatia Avenue from Grant Street to Grant Street road use alternate route, road closed due to inter paving
  • Mcdougall Avenue from Smith Avenue to 135m South of Smith Avenue is closed due to road maintenance
  • Sandy Falls Road from Government Road North to Shirley Street North is closed due to road maintenance
  • Cedar Street South from 2Nd Avenue to 3Rd Avenue is closed for road maintenance
  • Belanger Avenue from Mattagami Boulevard South to Fogg Street South is closed for road maintenance 
  • Fay Crescent from Emilie Street to end of road is closed for utility issues


If you see a collision, a road closure, have an update, or anything else, please call 93.1 Moose FM at: