The C.M. Shields branch of the Timmins Public Library is planning a home school round table for next Thursday morning at ten o’clock on Zoom

Branch head Louise Gaudette says it’s in response to the larger number of families home schooling their kids – not just those who are taking distance education from their schools during the pandemic.

“Not just schooling at home, but home schooling per se, which is a little different,” she notes.

There will be a panel made up of organizations that support home schoolers.  Gaudette stresses that what they say can apply to distance education as well.

“It’s not the same, however a lot will pertain to both.”

Gaudette is assembling a  panel of representatives from three organizations that support home schooling.

You can register through  There’s no cost to you.

“We’re asking all of our attendees to send us their questions and I will put those together, send them to the panel, then we’ll answer all of those questions during the session,” says Gaudette.

You will also have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions based on those answers.