Passengers on a plane, a bus a and train last week might have been exposed to the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.  The Porcupine Health Unit has issued an advisory about it.

The flight was last Wednesday, September 16th: Air Canada 8287 from Toronto to Timmins. The PHU says it especially applies to anyone in rows 6 to 12.

Then on Friday the 18th it’s the 7:15am Ontario Northland bus from Timmins to Cochrane, in the first seven rows;  and the train to Moosonee that left Cochrane at 9:00am that day, rows  5 to 12 on Coach 2.

If you were on any of those, you’re advised to monitor yourself for any COVID-19 symptoms and call the health unit at 1-800-461-1818 ext. 2919.


Sept. 16: Air Canada flight 8287, Toronto to Timmins, rows 6-12

Sept. 18: Ontario Northland bus departed Timmins at 7:15am for Cochrane, first seven rows

Sept. 18: 9:00am train Cochrane to Moosonee, Coach 2, rows 5-12

If you have any symptoms, call Porcupine Health Unit at 1-800-461-1818 ext. 2919