U.S. President Trump says he placed “no pressure” on Ukraine over Biden

American President Donald Trump says he placed “no pressure” on Ukraine’s President to investigate his political rival Joe Biden.

Trumps comments came during a public meeting with his Ukranian counterpart in New York Wednesday afternoon with the leader saying he wasn’t pushed by Trump. However,  a summary of their July 25th phone call shows Trump raised unfounded allegations that Biden sought to interfere with a Ukraine prosecutor to help his son.

New report finds climate change is causing damage faster than governments can act

A new report says damage to the Earth’s oceans and glaciers from climate change is moving faster than the ability of governments to protect them.

The Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change says those changes are directly affecting human health.

British Prime Minister Johnson will make time for a non-confidence vote in Parliament

In an extremely unusual move, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told opposition parties he will make time for a non-confidence vote Thursday in Parliament.

Johnson is urging opposition MPs to try to topple his government, which could ultimately lead to an election, which he wants in the hope of breaking the stalemate over Brexit.

Road to October federal election continues

Green Leader Elizabeth May laid out the costing of her party’s platform Wednesday morning, saying a Green government would balance the federal budget by 2024.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was in Quebec, talking about a 20 per cent refundable tax credit that would apply to some energy-saving home renovation projects. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh are campaigning in B.C. Wednesday.