There’s one forest fire of note but no real concern in our region as we head into the weekend.

MNRF forest fire information officer Shane McCool says it’s zero-point-eight hectares – a bit smaller than a football field – and is about ten kilometres northwest of Kamiskotia Lake. It’s under control.

As for the forest fire hazard …

“Obviously we’ve had some precipitation over the last day or so that really knocked down a lot of the hazard,” McCool notes.  So we’re seeing right now predominantly a low to moderate hazard across the region.”

The 10 km radius around any forest fire is a No Drone Zone.

And if you’re planning to fly your drone near any forest fire to get some aerial pics, McCool says not to.

“The area around a forest fire is a no-drone zone.  So anywhere 10 km within a forest fire area is an area that’s restricted to firefighting aircraft only, and that’s for the safety of personnel as well as people on the ground.”