Regardless of how dry it is lately, there’s only one new forest fire reported in our region, and it’s a small one.

MNRF forest fire information officer Shane McCool says the 0.3-hectare blaze was reported early Tuesday night and is being held.  It’s south of Highway 101, in the Vimy Lake Uplands.

McCool is also watching for rain in the weather forecast.

“We’re certainly hoping that the systems that come through do bring some rain with it.  That’ll help reduce our fire hazard,” he comments.. “Right now we’re looking at a hazard from mostly high to extreme in most of the region.”

The forecast also calls for risk of lightning.

“If we do see some lightning, that could cause some fires,” McCool acknowledges. “That said, if we see lightning with rain, that would also maybe mitigate the situation, but we’ll be watching closely as the lightning comes through and we’ll be watching closely for any new starts that do occur.”