The Great Canadian Kayak Challenge and Festival is a finalist for a prestigious Ontario tourism award.

Timmins manager of tourism and events Guy Lamarche says the Kayak Challenge is in the running for the top festival award from Attractions Ontario.  That’s a non-governmental organization of the tourism sector.

Lamarche says the festival came in second a couple of years ago.

“I know that there are no prizes for coming in second, but in this case, second did matter,” he mentions. “They presented us with a certificate and being a small festival from a small market going against much bigger festivals, it’s a pretty big accomplishment.”

Lamarche says awards like that are significant, and are used in applications for government funding.

“So yeah, we’re quick to put that in our application because the hardware and the bragging rights do matter,” he notes.

You can vote here every day until September 22nd to help the kayak festival beat out much bigger events in the province.

“People enjoy this event year after year for no admission fee,” Lamarche explains. “So at the very least, vote for an event that you’ve enjoyed every year.”