During the tenth annual Great Canadian Kayak Challenge Festival in Timmins this summer,  Moose FM proudly sponsors the second annual No Kayak Grand Prix.

Program director Shane Button says there must be at least three people per team.  You build your own boat – for lack of a better term – and race it across the Mattagami River.

“You go across to one side” he says, “got to turn around and come right back.  And the first person to do that wins.”

Button says there’s a lot of pride at stake. “We may have prizes in the mix as well.”

Rules and information about registering will be posted soon, here on My Timmins Now Dot Com.

“It’s all on one form so you can get it all right there and print it out,” Button explains. “And then once you fill out the form, you bring it to us here at the radio station, 49 Cedar Street South, or you can email it to sbutton@vistaradio.ca as well, once you’ve got it filled out.”

The kayak festival is the weekend of August 24th.