Wednesday’s water woes in Mountjoy were because of a broken pipe under Riverside Drive, between Emerald and McBride Streets.

The city’s public utilities manager, Scott Tam, says digging confirmed the cause, and water was restored to all residential customers.

“The only interruption to any property owners is between Emerald and McBride Street,” he said Thursday morning.

Those are only commercial properties.  Repairs are underway, and Tam expects to have their water back on by the end of the day.

People whose water stayed on had muddy water coming out of their taps.  Tam acknowledges that it was probably dirty once it came back on, too.

“Once we had (the break) under control, it’s just basically back to normal service.  We isolated the issue, so people just should be running their water.”

It can take 20 or 30 minutes of running a cold water tap to clear it up.