From proposal to trial run, Timmins City Council has adopted a bylaw to allow limited street access to snowmobiles.

Timmins Snowmobile Club president Raymond Corbeil says phase 1 allows snowmobilers who live anywhere in the city except Ward 5,  to use the streets only to get to the trails.

Next year, the regulations could be amended based on this year’s experience… and extended to Ward Five.

Corbeil says the new rules eliminate the need to get to the trails by using a trailer. Some people told him they would buy trail permits if that was in place.

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“This is why we started this project and we hope that everybody will abide by the current bylaw,” he remarks.

The bylaw also allows snowmobiles to be driven to recently built restaurants and hotels that aren’t next to trails

“These hotels have asked us to try to get the permit so that they could have access,” Corbeil notes.

That potentially means a bigger share of the business from visiting snowmobilers for those establishments.

Follow this link to maps of where snowmobiles can be operated on city streets, and other rules.