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HomeNewsShovelling your driveway? Keep the snow off the road.

Shovelling your driveway? Keep the snow off the road.

The City of Timmins is asking everyone to be responsible when shoveling their driveways. They say snow shouldn’t be moved from homes onto streets or sidewalks. They say this creates a liability, and can create safety issues. By-laws also state that snow cleared from driveways can’t block driver views.

CLICK HERE for the full by-law, under the “snow by-law” section

*Full press release from the City of Timmins*

With winter upon us, please be reminded that, when clearing snow from your property, it is important to adhere to the guidelines set out in the City of Timmins Snow By-Law (1993-4162). Firstly, as residents, we must never place snow from our property out onto the street or sidewalk. Snow on the street or sidewalk can create various safety hazards, obstruct pedestrian traffic and/or put the city at an unnecessary risk of liability. Even a small amount of snow left on a sidewalk can cause serious accessibility issues for some of our residents. It is also important to ensure that the snow we clear to gain access to our driveways does not obstruct the view of drivers or force pedestrians to put themselves at risk by walking further onto the road than necessary.

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