A young bull moose was killed and left at the side of a highway in our region just before Christmas. The natural resources ministry hopes a public plea can help track down whoever is responsible.

Conservation officer Kyle Morrison says the animal was spotted alongside Hwy. 655, just north of the Kidd Creek mine site turnoff, on December 19th.

 “Not only was this animal shot and abandoned,” says Morrison, “to add to that it was actually killed during a time when there is no open moose hunting season.”

Morrison says if the person who killed the moose is caught, “penalties can range from several hundred dollars into thousands of dollars, potentially the loss of equipment including firearms, and potentially depending on the case, there could be licence suspensions as well.”

“I just hope that there’s a member of the public that’s aware of this moose that’s been unfortunately left here to rot and taken out of the moose herd and they can contact us and get this case solved.”

Morrison says that recently, there have many several similar cases in the Timmins region, more than in most years.

There is an interactive, searchable map of unsolved cases at www.Ontario.ca/mnrftips



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  • Crime Stoppers : 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)
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