There’s a good side to the brutally cold weather that ushered in 2019. Parks and recreation manager Glenn Thurston says it was cold enough long enough to get city-run outdoor skating rinks back in shape to re-open.

“We have the Roy Nicholson, the Mountjoy and the Whitney Multi-use,” he says. “ The ice actually is pretty good at this time.”

Snow and freezing drizzle don’t worry him, Thurston says.

“We’ll keep on top of that, but it requires is just  to take care if you go on to the rinks.  If it’s snow covered, the snow has to be removed.  If there’s rough patches, we go out and we’ll fix it first thing in the morning.”

You can skate on any of the three rinks from 8:00am to 11:00pm, but none of them have lighting.