There is now a new way to pay for parking in Timmins.

The city is streamlining the process of purchasing daily and even monthly passes by having everything available online. Bylaw Enforcement Supervisor James Lefebvre says you can now use the Passport Parking App to buy and update your monthly passes, which will also help the city become greener. “When you purchase a parking permit with the City of Timmins whether it’s at city hall or online, you will not be given a physical pass and you will be entered into a database.” Lefebvre says the parking patrols will have access to the database to check the passes.

Lefebvre says not only will you be able to buy your passes with the Passport App, but also keep all your information up to date. “You can edit your vehicle information without calling or coming into the city. You have your own account and you can manage that, so if you have multiple passes you can manage them all with a click of a button.” You are also able to pay any parking tickets online, on the app or in person.

He says the Passport App makes paying for parking easier for everyone because you won’t have to buy anything from City Hall if you can’t get there during regular service hours. Lefebvre says the city is committed to making things more convenient for you.