Following a number of reports of valuables taken from vehicles, the Timmins Police Service is reminding residents to ‘Lock It or Lose It’. Police have received various reports, notably in the North and West areas of Timmins, regarding thefts from vehicles. Many of these thefts have been the result of the vehicles’ doors being left unlocked.

The public is reminded that vehicles with unlocked doors, keys in plain view, open windows, or valuables in plain view are easy targets for thieves. Remember to double check that doors are locked when exiting vehicles, park in well-lit areas. Do not leave unattended vehicles running, even ‘just for a minute,’ and place valuable items in the trunk. Residents who have garages are encouraged to use them, and place vehicles inside, with garage doors locked. It only takes a few seconds for thieves to rummage through a vehicle. Residents can play a part in ensuring their vehicles and valuables are safe by following the above safety tips.