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Stop Signs Debate Continues

The issue of stop signs in downtown Timmins has come back to council. Last night’s meeting had business owners speak on the issue, all who agreed the stop signs are confusing and unsafe.

Joanne Guenette of the CTRC day program says she has assisted many in crossing the streets to make sure they are safe. Audiologist, Judy Losier says she has concerns for pedestrians, and that lights will ensure cars slow down at intersections, and will give pedestrians the right of way. She also says many of her clients have hearing issues, and not being able to properly hear traffic at a stop sign is an issue.

However, the Director of Public Works and Engineering, Luc Duval, says that drivers and pedestrians not knowing how to act at a four way stop is a myth. Over the course of a five hour survey at Cedar and Third, Duval noted over 98% of pedestrians had no issues crossing the road. He says it’s not the traffic lights that make it safer, it’s the pedestrians. He also notes no traffic lights would save tax payers seven-thousand dollars a year per intersection.

Council seems to mostly agree that all way stops will work for Balsam and second, and Main and Bruce, with lights at both intersections at Pine, and both at Cedar. There is still contention over what to do at Balsam and Third.

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The issue will come back next Monday, where it is expected to be resolved.

Photo: Luc Duval presents his findings to City Council.

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