Schumacher residents are forming a committee to help save their community assets. This stems from a community meeting that was hosted by the Schumacher Arts, Culture and Heritage Association on Saturday.

Residents discussed ways Schumacher can revitalize and welcome more people.Some of the ideas brought forward included beautifying the downtown core, advertising local businesses and keeping the Schumacher Public School open.

Timmins City Councillor and long time Schumacher resident Joe Campbell says many of the ideas can be investigated. Campbell says you could see the passion from people who have lived here all their life and want to keep the community going.

Timmins-James Bay MPP Gilles Bisson says the only way this project will succeed, is if citizens drive it and make it their own. Gilles says once the committee is formed and plans are in place, they can come to him to see what the province is willing to do to help.

People who want to join the committee or have any ideas on revitalizing Schumacher can contact SACHA.