The Tory MP for Parry Sound-Muskoka says it’s an over-reaction to say Donald Trump can start a war at any time.  Tony Clement was responding to talk from New Democrat Charlie Angus of Timmins-James Bay that Americans have elected a man who can start a war on a whim.  Clement says it’s not as easy as Angus claims for the U. S. to go to war.  Clement says to launch a war, there has to be consensus from numerous bodies in the U. S. like the Joints Chiefs of Staff, the Defense Secretary, the Senate, the House of Representative and even the Supreme Court.  The American Constitution has so many checks and balances in place because its creators didn’t want only one person to have all the power to declare war.

Meanwhile, Clement says it’s pretty obvious why Trump won the U.S. presidency.  He says the people and groups that are shocked that he won are the political and business elite who weren’t paying attention to people angry about their economic prospects.  Clement says when you ignore what people are trying to tell you, they take matters into their own hands during elections.