Ontario’s Conservative Finance Critic is continuing to slam the Wynne Liberals over their alleged pay-to-play scheme. Vic Fedeli says under that plan, people donate to the Liberal Party and in return get to meet with the Premier or a cabinet minister. But, when the Wynne government got caught they promised they would stop, even passing legislation that prohibited the activity.

However, Fedeli says they found a way to continue as the legislation banning pay-to-play doesn’t mention certain players. He says the donors can still donate to the Liberal Party of Ontario, only instead of meeting with a minister, they meet with the minister’s chief of staff. He says there’s no difference, as these are all senior political “hacks”.

Fedeli claims among the companies taking part in pay-to-play were 30 energy firms that donated $1.3 million to the Liberals, and later got energy contracts.

(With files from: Rocco Frangione)