The possibility of switching up the ward system in Timmins is being floated at city hall. It’s being met with concerns about equal representation, and campaign costs.

Mayor Steve Black says the city is now going to be going to the public for their opinions. He says a committee group will be formed to look at the options. That could mean leaving the system the way it is, doing a small realignment, or taking on a complete overhaul and change the voting system to an at-large method. Black says that would mean every resident gets to vote for all eight councillors representing them.

Black says the goal of the election is to ensure equal representation across the city, and the ward system may be a little out of line with the rate of growth in the city. He says the city has a deadline of next year, so the changes can be put into place before the 2018 election.

City staff will now going to be bringing a report back on how to form a committee for council approval.