The debate over procedures and policies is continuing at city hall. During last night’s meeting, the two sides of council squared off again, this time over how the hiring committee to replace retiring Joe Torlone as the city’s Chief Administrative Officer was picked.

Councillor Rick Dubeau says the committee was chosen during an in-camera meeting, using secret ballots, which he says is against the city’s policy to stay open and transparent. He calls the vote illegal, and says it needs to be reintroduced with a new debate.

However, Mayor Steve Black says this issue should have been raised when the vote happened about a month ago. He says every councillor in that meeting supported the committee that was chosen. Changes were made last week, as Dubeau was voted off of the committee. Black says some of council may object to that process, and may want to go back to a month ago. But, he says the resolution was still passed last week.

However, the motion to take another look at the CAO hiring committee was still tabled. It was eventually voted down after a 20-minute debate. The two who voted to revisit the issue were Councillors Joe Campbell and Rick Dubeau. The rest of council voted against it.

The issue broke down into personal attacks during the 20-minute debate, with Mayor Steve Black having to call the meeting to order multiple times. The full audio of the debate is below.


Four city councillors and the mayor will sit on the hiring board to find a new CAO.

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