Gogama is getting an update on CN’s cleanup job of the 2015 oil spill tonight, but Timmins has a sneak peek of that information. CN reps came to city council this week, saying there is a small amount of oil remaining in the local ecosystem. The oil spill was concerning for Timmins, as water flows from Gogama into the Mattagami River. However, city engineer Luc Duval says our local water supply is not seeing any negative effects. He says they have done extensive testing at the water filtration plant, and no levels of hydrocarbon were detected.

Duval says they are very satisfied that our water source is potable and safe for the city.

CN’s public meeting tonight is going to focus on their environmental monitoring efforts, water sampling, and tree planting. The company says the majority of the oil spilled has been cleaned up, or is contained under the train tracks.

The public meeting hosted by CN is at 5:00pm tonight in Gogama, at the main community centre.

Photos showing the original oil spill in Gogama. It happened March of 2015, when a train derailed.

Gogama - 3Gogama - 2

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