Timmins Mayor Steve Black is weighing in on recent criticism over the proposed aquatic centre. This comes as residents have been pushing for the funding to go into fixing the roads around town, as opposed to building a new pool. However, Black points out we have over 1,000 km of road in the city. He says the forecasted $30 million for the pool only covers a third of the Connecting Link project, which is only one single lane road that runs through town.

Black also says the feasibility study for the pool has been over-estimated when it comes to cost, by around 20 per cent. That means up to $6 million has the potential of being knocked off the price tag. Black also points out that cost is purely conceptual, and a more concrete number won’t be available until a construction bid is accepted by the city. That won’t happen until council decides to move ahead with the project.

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A final report on the proposed aquatic centre has been released, leaving some decisions for city hall