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A final report on the proposed aquatic centre has been released, leaving some decisions for city hall

We now have a cost estimate for the proposed aquatic centre in Timmins. The planning group for the project looked at re-doing the current Archie Dillon site, and building a new facility on Highway 655. Representative Jon Hack says there is about a $10 million difference between the two sites, if council goes with the full package for both.

The base cost for the Archie Dillon site is around $34 million which includes:

  • Main pool: Eight lanes, 25 metres, with a warm-up lane
  • Large deck space
  • Leisure pool, about 40 per cent the size of the main pool
  • Male, female, and family change rooms
  • Three pool viewing locations: the atrium, on the deck, and a second floor gallery
  • Athletic floor
  • Lobby atrium

Phase one of construction for the Sportsplex would keep the current pool up and running while construction gets underway on the new facility. It would also have the new pool built, and the original pool site reclaimed into a parking lot. The second phase means purchasing additional land for parking, and putting a second ice pad in, while keeping the original rink in service. That comes at a cost of around $12 million, bringing the total cost to just under $46 million.

The 655 site base cost is just over $30 million, and that includes:

  • Main pool: similar to the Sportsplex pool
  • Leisure pool
  • Change rooms
  • Two pool viewing locations: on the deck, and the main gallery
  • Athletic floor
  • Lobby gallery
  • Male, female, and family washrooms

Phase one of the Highway 655 site would include building the pool, parking lots, the atrium, and multi-purpose rooms. The second phase would add a parking lot, and have two ice rinks installed. The second phase will cost around $25 million, bringing the total to nearly $56 million.

Hack points out they have over-estimated the numbers, and a more exact price will come when a site is picked and further geo-technical work is complete. Council now has to go through the report and make decisions. The report itself cost just under $160,000.

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