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Connecting Link redesign to look at traffic flow issues along Algonquin

Part of the Connecting Link redesign is looking at the issues with traffic flow along Algonquin. Transportation Engineer Vanessa Skelton did a complex study of the entire road, and says there are many areas of concern. One of which is the narrow lanes, and she is pinpointing three intersections that need work. Those are Algonquin and Mountjoy, Balsam, and Cedar.

Skelton says there are multiple options to fix the delays, all of which include new controllers at all of the lights. That is the device that manages the lights and will allow for actuated signals. Actuated signals means there are detectors that can determine if there are cars waiting at the lights to change the cycle time.

Other options look at prohibiting left turn lanes during rush hour, and adding in one or two lanes. Skelton also mentions the narrow lanes are a big issue along Algonquin, and calls the 3.25 metre width “substandard”. She says the lack of left turn lanes means longer wait times, and a higher risk of collisions as people try and get around those waiting to turn left.

More on this study will be released in May, including how many of the heavy trucks along Algonquin are ore trucks, and what impact they have on traffic. This is all part of the $144 million project to redo Algonquin.

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