A new industry is moving into the Matheson Micronization Facility. Great Lakes Graphite will be importing material from Brazil, producing it, and then shipping it out, all from the Matheson location. Chief Marketing Officer Paul Ferguson says the plant worked perfectly with their plans because it was already built and had permits. He says they are saving around $20 million dollars by using the building.

He says the company has also big plans for the future. Right now, he calls what they are doing fairly mundane. However, there is a lot of room to grow, especially if the company teams up with Canadore College. The NOHFC is funding a program at the school, which is letting students work with robotics, advanced materials, and advanced manufacturing techniques. It’s a way for students to get involved in industry, and be on the leading edge of technology.

Ferguson says that’s the future they see for Great Lakes, and for Matheson.  Although that kind of work is years away, the facility is set to begin graphite production by the spring. Canadore students will be able to help right away on more practical issues, like bagging solutions.

The company will be hiring for three positions, with the potential for more in the future. All of that information is on their website.