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Fedeli calls the NE LHIN’s performance embarrassing

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli gets why the North East LHIN feels okay with its latest performance as identified by the Auditor General.  Fedeli says the agency hit four of 11 targets while last year it failed in all categories.  The Tory MPP says no matter how you cut it and what the LHIN claims, this year’s performance is still an embarrassment.   He says this shows how inept the management is at the North East LHIN.  He says if this was the private sector, management would be long gone after this kind of performance.

Fedeli says what’s also disturbing is how the LHINs, the premier and cabinet ministers treat the numbers released by the Auditor General.  The Tory MPP says he’s seen firsthand the arrogance the Liberals have toward Bonnie Lysyk.  Fedeli says he was at a meeting last year when energy minister Bob Chiarelli literally patted Lysyk on the head and told her she knows nothing about Hydro One or numbers.

He says it was an insulting and disgusting display on the minister’s part.  Fedeli continues to maintain the Local Health Integration Networks are bureaucracies created to buffer the Ministry of Health from bad news.  The sad thing he says is millions of dollars is continually wasted on a bureaucracy that could instead be applied to frontline health services.

(Written by Rocco Frangione)

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