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Goldcorp presents plans for Hollinger Open Pit land

Goldcorp has big plans for the land at the Hollinger open pit. In a presentation to the city last night, Project Manager Dawn-Ann Metsaranta says the land will become an urban forest, after mining is done in about five years.

She says some of the short term goals for the land are expected to be done by October of 2017.  That includes 1.1 km of trails, a lookout over the pit where residents can watch the mining, rest areas, and parking.

Long term goals for the land include the pit filled in to create a lake which will have a beach, a gazebo, and almost four km of additional hiking trails. The final land use plan is still conceptual, and will be complete once the pit is filled in with water, around six to eight years after mining is done. Maintenance of the land will fall on the city’s shoulders in the long term.

Mayor Steve Black says the plan is a good one, and says he wants to make it clear that there is a 15 year timeline for the long term project.


Photos from Goldcorp:


Hollinger open pit - Before

After phase one:

After phase two:

Hollinger open pit - After phase 2

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