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The city is preparing for frozen water lines this winter

Timmins is getting prepared for frozen water pipes this winter. Public Utilities Manager Norm Bruce says the city will be notifying homes that will need to run their taps to keep the pipes from freezing. He says they are improving the process this year over last.

Around half of people that own homes in Timmins rent them out. So the city is going to write letters to the home owners, and add in a direct notification to the residents of the home. That way everyone will know to run their taps if it is necessary.

Bruce says those on water meters don’t have to worry about higher rates if the city asks to have your taps on. The city will be making adjustments, so there won’t be a spike on your bills. Bruce says that is true for both commercial and residential properties, and if you’re not on a water meter your rate will stay at its normal amount.

If you don’t run your taps after the city sends out a notification, there will be a $675 charge to thaw out any frozen pipes. If you haven’t been notified and your pipes freeze, there won’t be a fee for the first time the city has to thaw out the pipes, but there will be for each time after.

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