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Escaped prisoner found by police UPDATE


Timmins Police says Leduc was arrested by plainclothes officers yesterday around 5:00pm. Police tracked him down through different leads.

The shackles were still on his ankles, but the chain between them had been cut. His belly chains had been removed. Police are still investigating to see where he was in between when he escaped and when he was tracked down. He is being charged with escaping custody and breaching probation, and police say more charges are pending.

Leduc has a bail hearing set for Monday.

Original Story: 

An escaped prisoner has been found by Timmins Police. 32-year-old Steven Leduc was found by Timmins Police yesterday, after escaping from custody at the court house on Wednesday. He fled from custody at Pine and 6th, and was found close by at Birch and Algonquin.

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Leduc is now facing escaping custody and breaking probation charges after originally being in court for theft.

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