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Aquatic centre meeting asks for public feedback

Timmins has started the process of getting a new aquatic centre in town. Around 50 people made it out to Archie Dillon last night to hear from the architect and planning groups to see which direction the project is heading in. Architect for the project, Paul Cravit, says the goal of last night’s meeting was to see where the priorities are for the public. He says they don’t know what will happen to Archie Dillon yet. Residents may decide they like it where it is or they prefer a brand new building. Cravit says that is what the consulting and architect groups are going to help decide.

Consultant for Sierra Planning and Management, Kimberely Wilmot, says the input will be used to help come up with some options for either a new facility, or an upgrade of the current one. She says they will be back to the community to present those options. They want to see how Timmins feels about the options; what people want to change, what is a minor tweak, or a major no. 

Mayor Steve Black says as far as location goes, he has no real preference right now. He says anywhere in the city, as long as there is room to expand over the years ahead. The city approved to spend around $160,000 on the feasibility study, but there are no numbers out yet for how much the upgraded aquatic centre will cost. Black has recommended a fundraising effort, but he says this year’s budget process needs to be finished to see where the city stands.

Sierra Planning and Management will send out notices when the next meeting is scheduled.

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