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Almost $10K granted to snowcross, despite auditor recommendations

The Canadian Snowcross Race Association is getting almost $10,000 from Timmins for the races next year. The funding was approved after an auditor told council they were spending too much on grants to volunteer organizations. Just over $5,000 of that grant is in cash, while just over $4,000 will be waiving fees for things like bleachers, staff, and generators.

Councillor Rick Dubeau voted against the grant, saying the city shouldn’t be in the business of donations. He says they should help with in-kind donations, like the staff to help set-up and break-down. But in terms of giving the event cash, Dubeau says snowcross should be, and can be, self sufficient.

KPMG, who is doing the core services review, says the city has high taxes which are likely to only get higher. One suggestion to curb that was to stop giving grants. However, Councillor Mike Doody was one who voted in favour of helping to fund this year’s snowcross, saying it’s worth it. He says there are tons of volunteers who help out, and this event is helping Timmins become the regional hub for snowcross events.

In the end, council voted six to three and the money was granted. The event will run on March 12th and 13th, 2016 at the snow dump on Spruce south.

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The KPMG review is costing the city $105,000, and the final report will be out on October 19th.

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