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A shortened moose hunting season is hurting local businesses

Recent changes to the moose hunting season are already affecting local businesses. Calves can now only be hunted during a two week period, from October 24th until November 6th. Owner of the Big Bear moose camp in Timmins, Angie Chartrand, says that’s already affected her bottom line, and that will spread to other local businesses as well.

She says hunters aren’t buying new guns, any hunting equipment, or gas for their four-wheelers or trucks. She says all of that will be money lost in the local economy.

She says when a group of hunters come to the camp, they expect to tag more than one moose to make it worth their time, but she says that won’t be an option anymore with the new laws. She says hunters travel from across Ontario to hunt, but now they are questioning the point of travelling all the way up north to only take one moose. She says they come in groups of six to eight, and they question spending that amount of money when only one person can shoot.

Chartrand also makes the point that the new laws may not have the desired results. She says if hunters shoot a cow when its gun season, and if she has a calf with her, that calf isn’t going to survive. She says there are wolves, bears, and harsh elements, and she says either way you’re not saving that calf.

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