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Police shoot a bear in downtown Timmins

The Timmins police have shot and killed a black bear that was in a downtown backyard. They were called out just after midnight on Sunday to the home on 6th avenue between Cedar and Balsam. It wasn’t anywhere near a bush line, and police say there was no way to move it back to the forest safely. So they say shooting it was the only safe option.

Police have responded to 230 bear calls this year, and 50 in September alone. Outreach Specialist at the MNR, Adrianna Pacitto says if you see a bear and it isn’t paying attention to you, slowly and quietly back away. But, keep an eye on it to make sure it isn’t following you. If the bear has seen you, make yourself big, and make lots of noise. She says to talk in a loud, firm, but non-threatening voice. She says never try to run or climb a tree, because you won’t out-run or out-climb a bear.

This was the first time this year Timmins police have shot a bear.

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