The new pavement along Algonquin is raising questions about how to keep the road in good condition. Mayor Steve Black says the heavy mining trucks are a contributing factor, but he also says the city is doing all it can to hold them responsible with taxes.

He says they are already paying the highest industrial tax rate the province will allow. He says the mines also put a lot of other money into Timmins through fundraising and community groups.

Black says the Connecting Link is 40 to 60-years-old in some places, which is the main reason why it is falling apart. He explains that as you get to the end of a road’s life, you will see some more damage. He says having the weight of the mining trucks will impact the road more, but only because the road is of poor quality.

Black says he is hoping the province and the feds will kick in some money for the reconstruction of the Connecting Link.