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Hefty fines for starting a campfire or using fire pit during a restricted fire zone

Using that fire pit or starting a campfire could cost you money in the Restricted Fire Zone still in effect. All burning permits are cancelled. The MNRF and OPP can both levy fines. Constable Michelle Simard says the penalty is pretty substantial.

“Those fines can range from 750 to 825 dollars that’s for having open flame,” she said. “Now so that includes sitting by the campfire anything that would cause something to spark and to possibly cause a fire.” 

 Some people in the Sudbury district have already been fined by police.  Simard says officers are keeping an eye out.

“Just because the MNRF are fighting the fires doesn’t mean that we’re not going to be enforcing the fire ban,” she said. “So we’re going to be out there and if we see people blatantly disobeying the fire ban, we will be issuing tickets for that for sure.” 

MNRF officials say if you do start a fire, you might also be responsible for the costs of putting it out… as well as time in jail and a hefty fine.

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