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Local history: How the museum works Pt. 1

We’re taking a break from our weekly feature on Timmins history for the next several weeks… to learn what goes on at the Timmins Museum.

Director-curator Karen Bachmann says it’s been preserving, promoting and protecting local heritage since 1975, collecting pieces that have to do with the broader history of the city, from Connaught to Mountjoy.

She says she gets a lot of requests for things like employment records of early miners.

“Well, we don’t have that, I have to say, Bachmann admits. “But we do have good pieces that help us find out a little bit more about the background of this community.”

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Bachmann also notes that not everything the museum has is on display.

“Any museum in the province of Ontario, only 5-10% of their collections will be out on display. The point is to keep these things for the future.”

That doesn’t mean any single piece will never be on display.

In the weeks to come: How all the artifacts are stored, and much more on the collection.


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