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Use water outdoors, but sparingly: City Hall

It’s not a ban on outdoor water use, but City Hall is asking us to use it sparingly.

The hot weather has seen the use of water in Timmins shoot up… and the city is asking us to try to keep it to a minimum.

Public works and environmental services director Ken Krcel points out that the water bylaw provides that odd numbered houses water lawns and gardens on odd numbered days; even numbered houses on even numbered days.

“We do realize that people need to cool off,” Krcel says sympathetically.”So if the sprinkler’s out there for your kids to play in, there’s no issues with that, as long as it’s not left unattended.”

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Krcel adds that swimming pools need to be filled, too, and just asks that you be mindful of your water consumption.

Krcel says there are two factors at work.  One is obviously the hot weather. The other is keeping the reservoir for the north end of Timmins full, while the major water main is out of service because of infrastructure work.  That leaves only two smaller feeder mains.

“So it just takes more time for us to keep the reservoir full.  If there’s excessive or wasteful water uses, it just makes it more of a challenge to keep water supply at its normal capacity in the north end of town.”

Krcel says his department is taking the education approach for new by asking us to be mindful.  Should there b any reports of wasting water, however, the bylaw department will go to have a talk with the alleged offender.

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