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BREAKING NEWS: State of emergency at Nellie Lake

The high water level at Nellie Lake that we told you about a couple weeks ago, results in a state of emergency declared by the town of Iroquois Falls.

In fact, says Mayor Tory Delaurier in a statement to residents around the lake, the water is higher.

Right off the top, he’s asking power boaters to stay off the lake.

And he and his council have a number of high-water concerns:

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 The containment of sewage due to flooded septic systems on Nellie Lake
 The threat to potable water due to contamination
 Concerns for the safety and well-being of volunteers assisting with the flooding.
 Concerns with the ability of the municipality to deliver services to Nellie Lake residents should the flooding persist.
 Threats to tourism businesses that thrive on the natural beauty of the Nellie Lake area

All except the northern end of Nellie Lake is inside Iroquois Falls municipal boundaries.

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