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Moonbeam’s flying saucer featured on Kit Kat chocolate bar wrapper

You’ll notice something different on the front of your next Kit Kat chocolate bar. Nestle Canada has picked the Moonbeam spaceship and five other community roadside landmarks for the wrappers this summer. Mayor Eric Cote says 12 million bars have made and it didn’t cost Moonbeam anything.

“Since the chocolate bar has been out, our team in Moonbeam has been receiving numerous numerous phone calls, messages through our Facebook and social media outlets, to find out more information about the town,” he said.”For culture development for economic development it’s a great tool.”

He adds that now’s the time not to sit on its laurels with this fame.

“Yesterday, we had an economic development meeting where we discussed all sorts of potential to ride the campaign and to use the campaign for our advantage and to help grow Moonbeam,” he said.

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